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Адріан Мокану

Конкурс композиторів

Adrian Mocanu

Artistic Resume

Adrian Mocanu was born in 1989 in Kyiv and studied composing in the National Musical Academy of Ukraine in the class of Professor Yuriy Ischenko. He also participated in various master classes of such composers as Beat Furrer, Raphael Cendo, Peter Ablinger, Francesco Filidei, Johannes Schellhorn, Caspar Johannes Walter, Clemens Gadestatter, Martin Schuttler, Helena Tulve, Joao Pedro Oliveira and Mauricio Sotelo during various artistic workshops in Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Hungary. He was the winner of the 38th International Contest of Young Composers named after Frederic Mompou in Barcelona in September 2017. In 2016 he was the laureate of the Grand Prix of the International Composer Contest “Gradus ad Parnassum” in Kyiv. Performers of his compositions include the orchestra Armonia Ludus, ensemble of modern music Ensemble Nostri Temporis, Sed Contra Ensemble, Danapris Spring Quartet and “Ricochet” (Ukraine), Moscow Ensemble of Modern Music, MolOt-ensemble and the chamber chorus “Festino” (Russia), Barcelona Modern Ensemble (Spain), MotoContrario Ensemble (Italy), Ensemble 212 (USA), as well as the following soloists – Ricardo Descalzo (piano, Spain), Nataliya Pshenichnikova (vocal, Russia/Germany), Yuri Matsuzaki   (flute, Japan/Germany) and Rupert Bergmann (baritone, Austria). His compositions were performed in Ukraine (Kyiv and Lviv), Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod), Estonia (Narva), Spain (Barcelona), Portugal (Lisbon), Italy (Trento) and the United States (New York and Fort Worth).    

List of musical, orchestra and scenic compositions (if available)

- madrigal.no verte (2018) for soprano, flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin and violoncello

- vento che spira dalla calda terra (2018) for flute, oboe, saxophone, piano, accordion, violoncello and contrabass

- et ades sera l’alba II (2018) for piano

- ciudad sin sueno / the Brooklyn Bridge nocturne (2018) for six vocals

- de ellos no resta ni memoria (2018) for string quartet

- este amoroso tormento (2018) for soprano and bass flute

- et ades sera l’alba (2018) for solo flute

- ecos en una cuerda (2018) for piano

- la noche obscura del alma (2018) for French horn and piano

- white silence (2017) for violin and violoncello

- zefiro torna e di soavi accenti… (2017) for chamber chorus with sound objects

- my veins are slow oil and not wine (2017) for contrabass and electronic instruments

- … nada mas que el viento (2016) for bass flute, tenor saxophone, piano, violin and violoncello

- stanzas in meditation (2016) for alto flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and deep vocal

- … aux lisiliers lointaines (2016) version for solo viola

- solo queda el desierto (2016) for grand orchestra

- it’s a honeydew hunt (2016) for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano

- Incanti (2016/17) for clarinet, violoncello and piano

- Jardins suspendus (2015) for string quartet

- …aux lisiliers lointaines (2015) for solo violin

- Fragments de l’aube (2015) for mixed chorus

- Reflections of quiet things (2015) for bass flute, bass clarinet and female vocal

- Melting (2015) for clarinet, guitar, violin and piano

- Meandres (2015) for alto flute and piano

- Desolate landscapes (2015) for flute, violoncello and piano

- Riti (2015) for oboe and French horn 

- Puppenspiel (2014) for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano

- … from the poetry of Li Bai (2013) for soprano and six instruments

- Jeux (2013) for viola and piano

- Five haiku (2013) for piano